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Our Terms of Service

About your privacy

A note on your privacy and copyright: We fully recognise the importance of safeguarding your personal information and your ownership of any photographic material sent to us. Be assured that we will not release, copy, sell or otherwise transfer your personal information to any third party. Nor will we store, retain, pass on or sell any photographic images and other materials sent to us for processing. Except for the specific purpose of delivering your images to you on portable media or via the Internet at your request, we will not store your images on any public computer system. Note that unless you instruct us otherwise, all your working material and digital files will be deleted from our systems within thirty days of completion and delivery of your order. Your originals will be returned to you.

Use of your personal information

Please note that we may use your contact information to contact you in the future to inform you about new products and services unless you request us not to. If you have an account with us, your personal account information is retained in a secure database. This database is located in a physically secure data centre and is not accessible from the Internet. To access your account you will receive an individual username and password. We advise you never to share this information with any other person

New Zealand Privacy Act 1993

Under the Privacy Act 1993 we advise you that the FilmScan website contains applications that collect personal information about you so that we can offer you products and services, process your orders and debit your credit card. If you pay us using your credit card, our systems do NOT store your credit card number and expiry date. These are typed directly by you into the fully encrypted payment page of our payment consolidators. Your credit card details are never stored on our system. Your personal account information will be held by us, Webstream Limited, trading as:

FilmScan Imaging Services
11 Peregrine Place, Birkenhead
Auckland 0626, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 9 480 3010

Our guarantee

We offer a simple guarantee on all our scanning and imaging work.
If you don't like the result and it's due to our negligence, tell us immediately and we'll do it again for free. Note that we cannot work miracles however and there is a limit to what we can achieve when presented with poor quality originals

Regarding loss or damage

We take the utmost care of your photographic materials whilst on our premises. Our premises are alarmed and fire protected and we use secure computer systems.

Remember however that we do not have control of your images whilst in transit. We strongly recommend the use of a traceable courier service for pick-up and delivery. We cannot be held responsible for delivery of any materials sent to us via the postal system.

In the unlikely event that we misplace or damage your photographic materials, our liability shall be limited to the replacement of the equivalent unexposed film or unused media supplied. We cannot accept responsibility for any consequential loss as a result of image loss.

A note on copyright

Normally, a photographic image belongs to the photographer who took it. There are exceptions however, such as when an image is taken by an employee during the course of their work, or when the photographer has been specifically commissioned to take the images.

When our customers bring images to us for processing, we must accept that the customer owns the copyright to those images. We will not knowingly scan or copy any image where the copyright clearly does not belong to our customer, but we cannot be held responsible for any breach of copyright so caused.

If you would like further information on photographic copyright in New Zealand, we recommend visiting the Copyright Council of New Zealand web site and in particular, the information contained in their Photographers Information Sheet, available here.