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Photo scanning special offer! Reproduction-quality wide format scanniing using our Contex 2500 series scanners...

Supported Video, Sound & Film Formats

For Film Scanning

Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 ED

Our three Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED scanners support positive and negative film in 35mm, 16mm, 126 Instamatic, 127 and 110 small film sizes. We support all 120 and 220 film formats including 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 and 6x9cm. Our maximum optical (non-interpolated) scan rate on the Nikons is 4,000 dpi, 48-bit colour.

We support 4 x 5 inch, 8x10, microfiche and all plate film up to A4 (297 x 210mm) in size. Our Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 scanners support 35mm (135) film and APS cartridges at up to 4,000 dpi. We also have adjustable film holders for older non-standard discontinued films. We support negative and positive film scan rates of up to 6,400 dpi on our Epson V750 scanners.

For Photos & other reflective copy

Epson V750 Scanner

Our three Epson V850 scanners support copy up to A4 (297 x 210mm). Our Kodak PS80 and PS50 scanners support photos and double-sided documents up to A4. Our Epson GT-2000 scanner supports copy up to A3 (594 x 420mm). Our Contex 2530 HD scanner supports reflection copy up to A1 (841 x 594mm) on paper and card up to 3mm thick. The Contex output is TIF or JPG 24-bit colour at up to 1200 dpi. We have the ability to electronically 'stitch' larger originals together, but note that the copy must first be cut or folded.

For Regular & Super-8 Movie Film

Moviestuff Retro-8 Pro Film scanner at Filmscan

We transfer your Regular and Super-8 silent movie film to digital in-house, using our Moviestuff Retro-8 Pro frame-by-frame movie scanner. Other film sizes are outsourced to partner companies. Used by major film achives including The Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood, our Retro-8 Pro scanner has a sprocketless, continuous film feed and cannot damage old film. The Retro-8 Pro provides either PAL or NTSC 720p SD or upscaled HD 1080p digital output files in MOV format, or a frame-by-frame image sequence in either JPG, TIF, PNG or BMP formats. We supply your digital movie on DVD or Blu-Ray, or as MOV files on portable media for editing.

For Video

Video Tapes and DVDs

We currently have a variety of analogue playback devices to support either PAL or NTSC format VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Betacam, HDV/DV/DVCAM, Hi-8, Video-8 and Digital 8 tapes. Physical output can be DVD, Blu-Ray, USB drive or other portable media. Our workstations run Adobe Creative Suite CC and Adobe CC Media Encoder, which supports a wide variety of codecs and file formats including MPG, H.264, Quicktime and and many others.

For Audio Tape & Vinyl

Roland Octa Analog to Digital Audio Interface

For Vinyl - We currently use Music Hall turntables with Ortofon cartridges and Rega phono pre-amps for Vinyl record transcription at either 78, 45 or 33 rpm. Our standard digital sampling rate is 16-bit 48Khz into Adobe Audition CC. For special projects our Roland UA-1010 Audio Interface can provide sampling rates of up to 24-bit 192 Khz.

Revox B77 Tapedeck at Filmscan For Audio Tape & Cassettes - Our Studer-Revox B77 Mark II tape deck and Revox B710 Cassette Deck have been completely rebuilt to factory specifications earlier this year by Nagravox in Australia. Our Akai DX 4000D has also been completely rebuilt. These studio quality machines support two and four-track analog 1/4" tapes running at 15, 7.5 or 3.75 ips. Output to digital can either be Blu-ray quality (16-bit 48Khz) via our Wharfedale Pro SL824 hybrid mixer console, or up to 24-bit 192KHz via the Roland, depending on requirements. We support any digital output format provided by Adobe Audition or Adobe Media Encoder CC.

For Retouch & Printing Services

Canon PROGRAF IPF 5100 printer at Filmscan We accept almost any digital file for printing or retouch work. We offer high-quality photoprints using our Canon PROGRAF IPF 5100 12-ink graphic arts printer. Our standard print sizes are A4, A3, A2 or A2+. The IPF 5100 takes a 17-inch (432mm) paper roll and this shortest edge governs the maximum height/width of our printing capability, but prints can be up to 2 metres long.