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Stock Photos and Video

Looking for the right image?

We are not full-time professional photographers at Filmscan; we're too busy processing your images for that! We do shoot for stock however and we've had many requests to use our images and footage. Some of our work is available direct from these photo libaries:


iStock Photo Libary

iStock is one of the world's leading microstock photo libraries. Founded in 2000, iStock was acquired by Getty Images in 2006 and is a major library with millions of images and videos. We contribute to iStock and some of our work can be viewed here.


Pond5 Photo LibaryFounded in 2006 and headquartered in New York, Pond5 now carries over 15 million media clips and images from around the world. It acquired Pixmac in 2013 and now has an office in Prague in the Czech Republic. We contribute to Pond5 and some of our work can be viewed here.


Alamy Photo LibaryAlamy is based in Abingdon near Oxford, UK and in all probability is now the world's largest photo library with over 60 million images and videos. Founded in 1999, Alamy is well known for editorial imagery but also carries a huge range of images and videos for commercial use. We contribute to Alamy and some of our work is catalogued here.

Got an Assignment?

Our work keeps us in contact with a good number of very talented professional photographers and videographers too. If you need stock or have an assignment in mind, its worth giving us a call. We can very probably put you in touch with the right pro for the job.

Looking for the Right Image?