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Filmscan Gift Vouchers - The ideal gift

Give something different...

Filmscan Gift Vouchers - the ideal gift

** Please note that these Gift Vouchers cannot be used to redeem the already discounted Special Offers offered elsewhere on our web site. If you'd like a special Gift Voucher for one of these offers, please call us on 0800 474748 and we'd be glad to arrange it.

Value pricing too...

The ideal Birthday or Christmas gift - Filmscan Gift vouchers are great value for money. They can be used in exchange for any of our services, but there's a big difference. Normally we charge GST on our services, but our Gift Voucher rates are GST-inclusive, equivalent to a 15% discount**. We'll pay the GST - you'll get best-value pricing*.

Give something real - It's nice to give quality too, not a downloaded piece of paper that you'll have to print. Contact us in good time and we'll courier you your voucher package nicely printed, with a leaflet on our services and our business card in a presentation envelope that you will be proud to give.

Choose your voucher value - Filmscan Gift Vouchers come in $50, $100, $200, $300 or custom values and are GST-inclusive. Our published rates and voluming pricing are still applicable, but in effect, all services paid for by Gift Voucher are discounted by 15%.

Free USB memory stick with Filmscan Gift Vouchers Free DVD or USB Media - Order a Filmscan Gift Voucher of $200 value or more and we'll also provide any DVD or USB memory stick media needed, absolutely free of charge. Gift Voucher holders also get free return courier delivery.

Redemption, Service times and Delivery - Filmscan Gift Vouchers must be pre-paid and are valid for one year from date of issue. They can be redeemed at any time during that period, in-person or by enclosing the Voucher with the couriered images.
Our normal service times and delivery criteria apply.

It's simple - order on-line now!

Select your Gift Voucher value below and click the "Buy Now" button. Pay by PayPal if you have an account, or select the "Pay with my credit or debit card" option if not. We'll contact you to confim details. That's it! Alternatively, just give us a call.

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