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We welcome orders from overseas!

We bill in NZ$ and you won't pay local taxes. Pay via PayPal or any major credit card.
We despatch via Fedex, DHL or the service of your choice.

Contact us via email at or call +64 9 480 3010

Can I use your on-line order forms?

Sure you can! We are sorry we have not 'internationlised' these forms yet. We bill in NZ$ - the forms will allow you to work out costs and place a booking order with your contact details. Ignore local taxes (GST) and we will reconfirm return courier costs. Your order will get our immediate attention and we'll email you right back to make direct contact. We do not ask for advance payments of any kind

Can I use email to order instead?

Of course! Just let us know which services you are interested in and we'll contact you directly. Just be sure that when you send us your materials later, you send them by trackable courier with your full name, address, telephoner number and email. You'd be surprised to know just how many customers forget to do this!

How will you return-ship my order?

We only use major international courier companies for overseas orders. If you are in a rush, we'll use Fedex or DHL. For standard overseas shipping we use NZ Couriers or New Zealand Post International economy courier services with a 4-10 day delivery time to most destinations.

Where will you ship to?

Almost anywhere. We've had customers from as far away as Perth, Suva, Jakarta and Singapore. As long as Fedex or DHL serves your locality, everything should be fine. You may wish to consider before ordering services such as custom shows or video editing however - these services usually require more customer input and that could be difficult to achieve long distance or from a remote region.

Will I pay local taxes on my order?

No. Provided you are an individual or company genuinely resident outside New Zealand, our services are free of local taxes. Note that we do add local GST (New Zealand General Sales Tax of 15%) on your return courier charges however, because we have to purchase these services locally on your behalf.

Will I pay import fees on my returned work?

The honest answer is that we don't know. Each country has its own import regulations and if re-import charges are applicable, they will need to be paid by you. When we ship your order back to you we have to complete a customs export declaration stating the value of your returned originals and any media shipped.

How much will return shipping cost?

That's a hard question. Most couriers charge by a combination of size and weight. For example to return three packets of negatives and a USB stick to Melbourne recently cost $34 + GST. Two hundred slides in boxes returned to Jakarta cost NZ$140. You should estimate that your return courier costs will probably be equal to what you paid to send your originals to us in the first place.

How will I pay you?

We'll ask for payment afer we've received your materials and finished the job. We'll contact you before that if we find any anomolies. You can pay us online via your PayPal account if you have one, or using any major credit card. On payment we'll ship via the next available courier and send you the tracking number. We'll retain full digital copies of your work for 30-60 days, just in case.

We look forward to helping you!
Contact us via email at or call +64 9 480 3010