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Filmscan Creative Services

Slide Shows & Presentations

AV ProjectorFilmscan is not just a scanning and digital transfer shop. Do you need a professional AV presentation or slide show for business, a wedding or sadly, a funeral maybe?

Bring us your images or video old and new. We'll suggest ideas and sit with you personally to produce your project. We can keep it simple or add captions, effects and music. We'll also make sure your presentation is fit for purpose and will run at your chosen venue.

Web and Print Services

Print & Web ServicesWe've got over twenty years experience in production for print and the web. We understand both processes and the difference. We've got expert web and print specialists on hand if you need them. Our website is our own work and we offer print design and management too. Please talk to us if you need these services.

Video & Audio Services

We are well equipped for video and audio post-production and we have the expertise. Visit our Sound & Video Services page for more.

Image Restoration & Repair

Photo RestorationIt's surprising what we can do with old damaged originals. We've got considerable experience and expertise in restoring old film, photos, posters and publications. A mixture of photographic, technical and creative expertise is often required for best results. Please visit our Retouch page for examples and more information.

Stock Photography & Video

Stock PhotographerAt Filmscan we work daily with a group of talented photo and video professionals. If you've got a project that needs these skills, then call us. In all probability, we will be able to put you in touch with a pro to suit your genre and budget.

Please take the time to visit our Stock Photography page too. We've got well over 10,000 images and video clips available through three major photo libraries. We'd be delighted if you'd consider us when looking for New Zealand and International imagery.